Hygienic Wall Cladding System


CleanClad is recognised as the UK’s biggest independent brand of hygienic wall cladding. It stocks a wide range of internal cladding solutions for environments that demand total cleanliness. The brand delivers the highest quality, easy-clean PVC surfaces to discerning customers across the country. In addition to being the class-leading name in plastic cladding, CleanClad is also the go-to brand for free technical advice. 
Its PVC wall cladding is used in commercial kitchens, including pubs, hotels, restaurants, takeaways, and work canteens. It is widely used in hospitals, retail settings, abattoirs, laboratories, wet rooms, and schools. Ultra-low maintenance, CleanClad enables thorough cleaning processes to be carried out quickly and simply. This plastic wall cladding is moisture resistant and designed to outperform traditional, more expensive alternatives. 
Offering total hygiene, it is sold online and distributed nationwide. As well as selling cladding sheet, CleanClad also provides the full range of accessories including profiles, trims and cladding adhesive. 


Plastic wall cladding supplier


CleanClad plastic wall cladding is popular because it is more economical than tiles or stainless steel. It reduces the time spent on cleaning surfaces, while ensuring even two-stage or deep cleans are completely effective. It is also easier to install and simply bonds to surfaces. This kitchen wall cladding requires no grouting and will retain its finish. 
Available in a wide choice of semi-gloss or high-gloss finishes, it is the plastic wall cladding that performs on two levels – hygiene and aesthetics. It can be used to transform the look of any sensitive environment while aiding compliance and boosting the efficiency of managing a high-risk setting. All the products are fire resistant with a Class 1 rating. They also resist impact and won’t attract mould or mildew.  
Choose from a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses to create a seal between hard to clean surfaces and any space that demands rigorous attention to hygiene. All the products sold by CleanClad can be installed by a DIYer, an in-house team or by CleanClad’s specialist installers. 


Kitchen wall cladding outlet


One of the largest online outlets for kitchen wall cladding, CleanClad is revered for its low prices. Its hygienic wall cladding system is the preferred choice for those who want to drive up standards while maintaining a visually appealing finish. With more than a decade of being the leading brand, it is used by multi-nationals as well as independent traders and municipalities. The people behind CleanClad are experts in hygiene solutions for the most challenging environments and specialists in the installation of internal cladding.
With an impressive client list, top quality products and a commitment to customer care, it is unsurprisingly a market leader. Plastic wall cladding is safe, highly durable, easy to install and requires no maintenance other than cleaning. It is a dependable and cost-effective answer if you are struggling to maintain standards or want to create a new look that supports the highest hygiene protocols. Finishes include pastel shades, white and bold, high-gloss colours.
CleanClad is sold direct to customers online. It negates the need for businesses or public bodies to take the risk of buying imported wall cladding or stock that is being sold through a middleman. Based in Yorkshire, the brand has been helping to raise hygiene standards to protect the public for many years. With some of the lowest prices in the business, it matches individual needs to PVC wall cladding designed to protect and perform – with none of the hassles associated with ceramic tiles or costly stainless steel.

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