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For more than a decade CleanClad has been the name to trust in kitchen wall cladding. Its wall and ceiling hygiene solutions are revered for their resistance to moisture and the ability to deliver spotless cleanliness. Used in environments where public safety is paramount, this plastic wall cladding is popular because it requires very little maintenance. Its smooth surface makes it hard for dried-on debris and bacteria to hang around during the cleaning process.

CleanClad can be bonded to walls in any commercial kitchen and food processing setting. It is a recommended product range for cafes, bars, restaurants, school kitchens, coffee shops, takeaways, sandwich shops, and hotels. With UK stock and nationwide deliveries, this PVC wall cladding is designed to aid compliance – anywhere. It helps businesses and municipalities meet stringent hygiene regulations.

With a simple wipe down and sanitise cleaning regime, it is the kitchen wall cladding that saves both time and money. Unlike ceramic tiles, it requires no hard-to-clean grout. And unlike stainless steel, this hygienic wall cladding’s finish won’t dull or let the aesthetics of your setting down. It can be used in public-facing spaces as well as food preparation areas because of its outstanding visual appeal. CleanClad is available in a wide range of colours, in both semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes. Choose your sheet size and thickness to meet your individual requirements.

Low cost PVC wall cladding for kitchens


As well as offering long-lasting protection, CleanClad PVC wall cladding is low cost. Compared to traditional alternatives it delivers all-round value and performance. It will resist impact, keep mould at bay and make cleaning more effective. Customers buy this brand of hygienic wall cladding to raise standards and achieve higher food hygiene ratings.

As well as supplying cladding materials direct to customers, CleanClad offers free technical advice and a detailed installation guide. Plastic wall cladding sheets, ceiling cladding, profiles and trims, and accessories are all available from one outlet – so you can get everything you need to complete a project from the same place. While this kitchen wall cladding is effortless to cut and install, a specialist installation service is available to those who need it.

The product range includes plastic wall cladding in a wide range of finishes with colour-match trims. Accessories include wall cladding plastic rivets, gloss wall cladding sealant and a choice of polymer and hybrid adhesives.


Kitchen hygienic wall cladding

Commercial kitchens are often hectic settings. Rigorous attention must be applied to food storage, labelling and preparation – in addition to keeping all surfaces hygienically clean. Being able to ensure you can keep areas behind counters, workspaces and sinks free of potential hazards is pivotal. This is where CleanClad comes into its own. It makes taking care of these often-neglected areas easy and quick.

Kitchen wall cladding is stocked in thicknesses of between 1.5mm and 3mm, making it suitable for any environment. If you are looking for a robust hygiene system designed to last for years and reduce the time it takes to completely clean a setting, CleanClad is the solution. It ticks all the right boxes for safety too – it is fire resistant (Class 1 rating) and non-toxic. Manufactured from food grade PVC, it designed with food preparation and processing in mind.

All CleanClad PVC wall cladding can be ordered online and delivered to your door. A hassle-free system from start to finish, it saves time, gives you peace of mind and looks great. Unlike many online sellers, the brand provides free support to those looking for installation or product advice.

If you are worried about hygiene, take a look at kitchen wall cladding by CleanClad and discover what it can do for you.

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