How Hygienic Wall Cladding Promotes Best Practice


Hygienic wall cladding is used in a wide number of environments to promote cleanliness. Favoured by those in regulated industries, it aids compliance and makes busy settings more efficient. But, if you are not convinced that plastic wall cladding makes a difference, this article will bring things into focus.

PVC wall cladding is a fast-selling product because it delivers outstanding benefits while reducing costs. It makes sense for businesses that rely on high hygiene standards to attract new customers and reduce risks. In particular, it is the wall cladding of choice for those in the food sector. It is cheaper and easier to install than tiles and impact resistant.

The points below highlight how kitchen wall cladding can aid best practice.


Spotless surfaces with kitchen wall cladding


Kitchen wall cladding ensures grease and bacteria have nowhere to hide. It doesn’t use grout, boasts a smooth finish and takes less time to thoroughly clean than ceramic and painted surfaces. It reduces the time it takes to achieve total hygiene by making the process easier.

Dirt can’t cling to this surface. That is why it simply requires a wipe down with mild detergent and a light coating of anti-bacterial. This cladding system is so effortless to keep clean, there will be no excuse for a sensitive area to be neglected. Use it on walls and ceilings.


Save time with hygienic wall cladding


Hygienic wall cladding saves you time from the moment you buy it. Unlike ceramics, it is easy to install – so you can clad any area quickly. You can even install this product over tiles. Once fitted, it reduces the amount of time it takes to properly clean a high-risk area. There is no need to get out a toothbrush to scrub between tiles or get in cracks.

Manufactured to meet the demands of a moisture intense setting, PVC wall cladding won’t be phased by challenging conditions. It is also fire resistant and won’t attract unsightly mould. It is perfect for commercial kitchens and food preparation or storage areas. Save time by implementing a cleaning regime that is easy to follow and simply to carry out at least once a day.


Be compliant with plastic wall cladding

Plastic wall cladding can be used to enhance hygiene standards in a business that is struggling to stay on top of cleanliness. It seals away hard-to-clean wall and ceiling surfaces, leaving you with a seamless, safe environment. This PVC wall cladding can be used in food storage areas too.

Kitchen cladding is suitable for coffee shops, restaurants, take-away businesses, hotels and public houses. In fact, anywhere that demands high levels of hygiene. If you want to stand out from the crowd with an excellent food hygiene rating, this is a product that can really help.


Best practice in any food setting starts with hygiene. Ensuring every surface is easy to clean will give you a great start. Your staff won’t shy away from the task and your customers – and bottom line – will reap the benefits. In addition to promoting total hygiene, hygienic wall cladding is great for the look of any commercial interior. It is available in a wide range of colours, including light pastel shades.

If you are looking to invest in a hygiene system that is economical and efficient, why not buy online and have your cladding delivered to your door? The leading UK supplier is called CleanClad. As well as supplying PVC wall cladding, it can also install it.

It is easy to find online and boasts some of the lowest prices in the business.

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